December 2015

Focus 1: Innovation forum: The big challenge – giving new ideas a commercial break.
Focus 2: Customers’ champion profiled – Kathryn O’Brien of TransPennine.
Focus 3: Making the internet safer – NCC Group boss on cybersecurity.
Focus 4: Forum focus on cybercrime – it’s not war as we should know it.

November 2015

Focus 1: The selling-abroad Forum: ‘Rewarding if homework’s done’.
Focus 2: Clipper Race envoy’s story: ‘Admiral’ of the Buy British fleet.
Focus 3: UK Export Finance.
Focus 4: North West Chambers of Commerce supporting the UK’s export ambition 

October 2015

Focus 1: The visitor economy forum.
Focus 2: Transports of Delight: tourist track to success.
Focus 3: Northern tourism stars: red rose county attractions.

October 2015

Focus 1: The Challenge of Change: A Deloitte view on rising to it.
Focus 2: If you can make it there: Luxfar’s Big Apple bite.
Focus 3: Lancashire gets moving: LEP that means business.

August 2015

Focus 1: ‘It’s for the whole of the North’ –  Minister on powerhouse deal.
Focus 2: The regeneration of Anfield – Housing group’s vital strategy.
Focus 3: Still on fast track to tomorrow – Despite electrification ‘pause’.

June 2015

Focus 1: ‘It’s about people taking control’ –   Powerhouse minister profiled.
Focus 2: Call for powerhouse acceleration – by transport heads in forum.
Focus 3: Driving for a track record – TransPennine MD’s challenges.

June 2015

Focus 1: Blue Peter? Not for long as Salford-based director of BBC England raced to the top.
Focus 2: Forum on broadcasting the message of industrial revolution in digital form.
Focus 3: Digital business? You have to be in it to win it according to the leader of Salford University’s team on that theme.

April 2015

Focus 1: The regeneration generation – big energy from waste plan.
Focus 2: Forum on future power choices – long term central policy urged.
Focus 3: Liverpool-in-Europe conference – proving a strong relationship.

March 2015

Focus 1: Lets hear it for the unsung heroes of the business world.
Focus 2: What makes a good management buyout?
Focus 3: Forum – Yorkshire’s champions calling for a united aim.
Focus 4: The boss who rose in anger – cover profile of Andrew Cope.

February 2015

Focus 1: Forum – Talking heads debate a new devolved North.
Focus 2: Legally speaking – The SuperNorth idea first needs to be sold.
Focus 3: Northern greats – Historical series starts with Richard Arkwright.
Focus 4: Skills agenda – The freedom to finish the joblessness.